Frigidaire Professional FPMO209RF

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  • Frigidaire Professional 2-cu ft built-in microwave gives you plenty of cooking options to enhance your dining experience
  • PowerSense™ cooking technology automatically senses ideal time and power levels, so there’s less work for you
  • SmudgeProof™ stainless steel resists fingerprints and remains easy to clean
  • Adjustable timer allows you to adjust the cooking time of your dish while it’s still cooking, as well as add or remove 30 seconds
  • Melt setting offers a simple way to melt ingredients like butter and chocolate for consistent baking results
  • Auto Defrost option automatically thaws food like steaks and bacon based upon their weight
  • Reheat option lets you reheat microwave-prepared foods without selecting cooking times or power levels
  • Child safety lock prevents children from tampering with microwave


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