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Stolen Washer Knob

July 13, 2017

To the person who stole a knob off one of our showroom washers; If you go home and find out that your knob doesn't fit, bring it back and we'll match up the correct knob for free.

We have hundreds of washer and dryer knobs and we often give them away for free. Keep us in mind for your used parts needs and remember to just ask next time.

Gift Card Giveaway! Guess the Year this Washer was Made!

July 12, 2017

Win a $20 Wegmans Gift Card!

Guess the age of this vintage Frigidaire Washer! Featuring hot and warm temperature settings, this 2.0 cubic foot washer was on the cutting edge of laundry. The agitator would move up and down while spinning, leading to a great wash. With chrome accents, this washer definitely reflects its parent company, General Motors.

How old do you think this washer is? Each person gets one guess of a specific year. If the correct date is guessed by multiple people, the winner will be selected at random.

Comment on our Facebook post with your guess!

Check out our new washing machine fish tank!

January 13, 2015

Here's the finished fish tank product. It took two of us about 3 weeks of part-time work to complete. For those interested in the building process, click HERE.

Rochester Appliance Front Load Washer Aquaium fish tank

The lighting is pretty cool. There are many different variation that we can use!

Aquarium colors

If you're in the Henrietta area, come check it out!

The showroom with the washer aquarium

My boys came by to check them out. They insisted on naming the fish. So far they have only come up with names from Finding Nemo.

Looking at the washer aquarium

Looking at the Aquarium

If you enjoyed this project, you might also enjoy browsing our YouTube Channel. It's entertaining. (at least we think so)

“Just Looking” on 13 Wham this morning.

February 18, 2014

Andrea Holland (the "oh I'm just looking too" woman) is sisters with Norma Holland from 13 Wham! I did not know this until this morning. Norma covered the commercial this morning on 13 Wham!

Here's a picture of them together with Juan. I took this myself. I'm sorry for the awful angle. I should have noticed Jeff Miller's head in the background.

Andrea Holland, Juan Pablo, Dresden Engle and Jeff Miller.

Andrea Holland, Juan Pablo, Dresden Engle and... Jeff Miller.