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We’re Angie’s List Super Service Award Winners for the second year in a row.

February 28, 2014

Angie's list super service award logo

I'm humbled by how much my staff cares for its customers. When dealing with a customer, my staff continues to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer. Excellent customer service is what has been building this business via word of mouth for many years now. This award is a testament to the character of my employees. Only 5% of Angie's List businesses receive this award. Keep it up guys!

Why did Juan come up to shoot commercials for Rochester Appliance?

The first commercial aired only a week ago! Since then there has been a lot of buzz locally and nationally. The main question I've heard is, "Why would he ever do this for you?"


Juan went to college with my brother-in-law at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester NY. When I found out Juan was going to be the next Bachelor, I immediately tried to get him to be in a commercial for me. I've grown my business via word of mouth for years and this would be a great opportunity to get more awareness of my business. With the help of my brother-in-law, I was able to get in contact with Juan. He was surprisingly open to the concept. The friendships he formed while in college made a great impact on his life, and he wanted to give back to those who have helped him. Even amidst his busy schedule, he made the time to fly up the weekend before Christmas.


He came down with a sinus/head cold just before leaving for Rochester. He could have easily canceled the trip and have been justified. Filming the commercials took about 8 hours, and he didn't complain once. He could have been home with his family or making much more money elsewhere. Instead, he was upbeat and friendly throughout the entire process. Giving back is what he chose to do, and for that I am truly grateful.

“Just Looking” on 13 Wham this morning.

February 18, 2014

Andrea Holland (the "oh I'm just looking too" woman) is sisters with Norma Holland from 13 Wham! I did not know this until this morning. Norma covered the commercial this morning on 13 Wham!

Here's a picture of them together with Juan. I took this myself. I'm sorry for the awful angle. I should have noticed Jeff Miller's head in the background.

Andrea Holland, Juan Pablo, Dresden Engle and Jeff Miller.

Andrea Holland, Juan Pablo, Dresden Engle and... Jeff Miller.