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Top 3 things to check for when you’re dryer isn’t heating.

August 24, 2013

Very often we'll perform a service call on a machine that has a minor problem with it. Some of those times the customer wishes they took a few minutes to check for simple fixes before calling a repairman. Here are a few simple things you can look for if your dryer isn't heating or drying.

  • Check the venting. This is the most common solution for dryers that take a long time to dry. If you don't get the proper air flow you'll be turning your dryer into a sauna, nothing more. If that trapped moisture has nowhere to go then your clothes won't get dry or they will take a few cycles to get dry.
  • I know it's cliche but check your power. An electric (220v) dryer can still run on if the breaker is halfway blower. Turn the breaker to the dryer all the way off and on. You'd be amazed at how many service calls are solved with this simple step.
  • Dig a little deeper. If you have an electric meter, check some fuses for continuity. Most models that stop heating all of a sudden just have a blown fuse. If all else fails then give us a call at 585-272-9933 or visit our service page HERE.