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Used Appliance List

September 12, 2012

Rochester Appliance Used Appliances

We now show a large amount of our used inventory online!

Just click on the "used" tab on our main page then click on "Craigslist Deals". All of our craigslist deals are linked on our site. We try our best to delete them when the appliance has sold.

We have a new Angie’s List review!!

September 5, 2012

angies-list Rochester Appliance

David B. writes: "Made a phone call to rochester appliance about a problem we were having with our washing machine. explained over the phone the problem and they sent someone out. Ben came out, digangosed the problem, ordered the part and less than a week the new part came in.  rochester appliance called to set up an appointment around my schedule. ben (I think) came over replaced the timer on the washer. he also inspected the washer and made an adjustment so it would spin faster. he also inspected and cleaned out the dryer vents and double checked everything until I was satisfied. he also explained to me what he was doing and how these adjustments would make the washer work better.  very courteous, professional, and I would highly recommend rochester appliance to anyone.  I called around to two other appliance repair places and they could not fit me in for at least 2 weeks."

(This is a questionnaire that David B. filled out following his report)

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth

How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week

Did you find the company through Angie's List? yes

If yes, which source(s)? website

Why did you choose this contractor? location, reputation

Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company

What did you like most about this contractor? professional, courteous, friendly, very helpful

What did you like least about this contractor? nothing

What surprises came up during the course of the work? he adjusted the washing machine and it works great

What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? give them a call. they are very helpful, professional, and worked around my schedules

What words of advice would you give this contractor? keep doing the great job your doing.... the customer service is fantastic....

This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents ... or quote your favorite movie? Rochester Appliance Knocked this service out of the park!!!!

Thanks David for your business! It's greatly appreciated!